China Spring ISD

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» Dr. Marc Faulkner--Superintendent
» Dr. Joe Kucera--Assistant Superintendent
» Jennifer Crook--Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction
» Brenda Poteet--Executive Director of Business and Finance
» Cherish Hermes--Director of Special Education
» Mark Bell--Director of Athletics
» Pam Hyatt--Director of Bands


» Kevin Pitts--High School Principal
» Mike Compton--High School Assistant Principal
» Lisa Howard – High School Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction
» Mike Kelly --Middle School Principal
» Max Rutherford--Middle School Assistant Principal
» Heather Jenkins--Intermediate School Principal
» Kelly Levesque – Intermediate School Assistant Principal
» Kim Coe--Elementary School Principal
» Barbara Cross – Elementary Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction
» Terina Heintz--Elementary Assistant Principal
» Miranda Brown--Annex Facility-TAG/DAEP Principal