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Good Afternoon, 

I hope everyone is having a great week! I would like for you all to join me in congratulating the Faculty and Staff Members of the Month for October. These outstanding team members have gone above and beyond the call of duty for the betterment of our district. You are all invited to join us on Monday night at 6:00 at the administration building to recognize them. When you see them in your hallways or on your campuses please congratulate them. 

Elementary Faculty Member of the Month - Congratulations to Mrs. Suzy Wright, 3rd grade teacher, for being selected as the Faculty Member of the Month.  Mrs. Suzy Wright teaches at the elementary school and epitomizes what it means to be Faculty Member of the Month! She is always seen with a smile on her face and her students say she is very kind and patient! Suzy has a great attitude and despite all the challenges we have faced, she keeps on rocking along forward! She has been very adaptable and has taken on the challenge of learning new technologies to support all of her students, both in person and online. She is a wonderful resource for her team as well. She is a source of encouragement and knowledge! If students don’t understand something the first time, Mrs. Wright looks for alternate ways to helps them be successful, and is excellent at keeping parents in the loop as well! Mrs. Wright is an asset to the school and we are so happy she is a part of the China Spring Elementary Family! Congratulations!

Secondary Faculty Member of the Month - Congratulations to Mrs. Shannon Field, Science teacher at the high school, on being the Secondary Faculty Member of the Month.  Although she has been a pillar in the district for some time, we are blessed to have had her sweet presence and positive outlook at the high school campus for the last three years. Mrs. Field teaches the crucial position of Honors Biology at the High school, as she not only helps us to prepare students for the Biology EOC, but also helps set the high expectations of China Spring High School with our incoming ninth grade students. In crafting her lessons, she has the unique ability to ensure content is taught with rigorous standards, as well as to plan to engage students by catering to their specific interests and needs. She is a cornerstone in the experience of the freshman class. Beyond just serving the needs of our China Spring High School students, Mrs. Field demonstrates a superior level of care and support for her team and her colleagues. Her naturally conscientious nature means that she can be found offering support, resources, and assistance to other teachers. Finally, Mrs. Field embodies what it means to live and breathe education. She constantly pushes and grows her students and colleagues; but perhaps most importantly, she is the first to jump in and try a new technology, strategy, or approach in the learning environment. She is willing to make herself vulnerable when it means that she will improve her craft as an educator and a teammate. Whether she is helping to build assessments for her team, providing cheerleading to teachers who need support, or simply sharing a smile with all of us each day, she is a ray of Cougar Sunshine in what has been an unprecedented year in education. Thank you Mrs. Field, for your incredible work ethic and passion for students.  Congratulations! 

Staff Member of the Month - Congratulations to Mrs. Jo Wilson for being selected as the Staff Member of the Month. Mrs. Wilson, the China Spring ISD Payroll Clerk, has been with the District since 1997, with most of her time spent as Middle School Secretary. After our long time employee that did Payroll retired in June of 2019, Jo stepped into the Payroll position and has done a wonderful job!  This job is an important one for the district - there is not a lot of room for error when you are dealing with someone's paycheck! The job covers employee pay, benefits, leave and so many other aspects that it is a HUGE job and Jo has brought a fresh set of eyes, experiences and questions to the position.  We have been able to change and streamline a lot of processes in the Payroll/HR area because of her flexibility and willingness to try something new. Although her position is officially Payroll Specialist, she also works closely with the other Business Office staff in accounting, accounts payable and HR to make things run smoothly for the entire Business Office. Her work ethic and flexibility are extraordinary – she never says “that’s not my job”, she just says “what else do you have that I can do to help you?”  Jo is a valuable part of the Business/Admin Office and the China Spring ISD staff – we are so very lucky to have her here. Congratulations!

Information related to CSISD’s response to the Coronavirus health crisis and curriculum can be found on the following COVID-19 page. We will continually update the web page as the situation evolves and more information is available. Thank you for your patience, understanding and support of China Spring ISD Schools.