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Elementary Faculty Member of the Month – Congratulations to Mrs. Kelly Barak, 5th grade teacher at the intermediate, on being selected as Elementary Faculty Member of the Month. Kelly is a hard worker, a team player, and proven to be flexible beyond measure. Mrs. Barak stepped into a position that made it possible for 5th Grade Intermediate online learners to have one dedicated teacher. She had to sacrifice the in-person personal connection, her classroom “stuff”, and the constant companionship of her peers to perform this teaching duty. She has taken on this teaching position with a fantastic attitude and has worked to make it as positive for the students as possible while continuing to hold her online learners to high expectations. She continues to smile and stay positive even through the trial and tribulations of this new style of learning and teaching. Thank you Mrs. Barak for finding a way even when the way is difficult and daunting! Keep up the good work! The intermediate campus is sooo lucky to have you! Congratulations!

Secondary Faculty Member of the Month – Congratulations to Mrs. Janice Needham, high school and middle school Choir teacher, on being selected as Secondary Faculty Member of the Month.  Mrs. Needham can be found on both the middle school and high school campuses championing for all students.  You will hear sounds of joy and positivity whenever you are near Mrs. Needham and her classroom.  She is willing to assist where ever she is needed and is willing to help students achieve their greatest potential either on the stage or in their everyday lives.  Mrs. Needham builds quality relationships with her students and they know she cares.  She has been more than willing to implement technology in her classroom and has done a tremendous job of working with our online learners in helping them be successful not only in her class but in checking progress in their other classes.  She always cast a positive light during times that could be trying.  Thank you Mrs. Needham for all of your hard work and dedication to our China Spring students and staff.  Congratulations!  

Staff Member of the Month – Congratulations to Tabitha Hymel, one of the ring masters of the high school office for being the staff member of the month. In a year of uncertainty, Tabitha Hymel is a constant. Regardless of the challenge, her attitude is always a genuine “I just want to make it right.” The front office is a game of baseball: it is all about the strategy, and it seems never ending. Inevitably, our days are made up of fastballs, curveballs, and the occasional slider. Tabitha is the catcher; she has no interest in fame or attention, but only in her team’s success. From her perspective, she has a full view of the game, but never lets the unexpected distract her from the essentials that allow our campus to function. She has the ability to tune out the noise, and help make the calls that she knows will get the job done. Because she does her job well, we are able to do ours. Her consistency is not only limited to her work performance - she is always a welcoming, kind face that you see when you walk in the door with a voice that lets you know she is genuinely glad to see you. Whether we have jumbled attendance, or need help with an onslaught of students in the office, or just need to hear that it will be okay after a few strikeouts, Tabitha is an unwavering positive influence that makes our high school front office one of the brightest places to be.   

Top Kitchen of the Quarter - The Middle School Child Nutrition team has shown a willingness to adapt to the challenges created by COVID and to use the situation as an opportunity to improve their service, food presentation and food quality. They have displayed a positive and open attitude to the varied tasks of their campus administration and department leadership. While many campuses are experiencing severe decreases in meal participation, the Middle School’s sales have remained strong and are growing. Feeding students is the goal of our program and the Middle School Child Nutrition team is on point. Congratulations to manager, Tish Carpenter, and staff members Paula Erdman and Mireya Hooten.