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Faculty and Staff Members for the Month of April

I hope everyone is having a great week! I would like for you all to join me in congratulating the Faculty and Staff Members of the Month for April. These outstanding team members have gone above and beyond the call of duty for the betterment of our district. If you see them in your hallways or on your campuses please congratulate them.

Elementary Faculty Member of the Month – Congratulations to Mrs. Holly Johnson for being nominated and selected as the Elementary Faculty Member of the Month.  Her principal, Mrs. Coe, stated, “Holly is very deserving of this special recognition. She works so hard to create an engaging and fun learning environment for her students.  Holly utilizes technology, best teaching practices, and unforgettable experiences to help each and every one of her students reach their greatest potential.”  Fellow colleague, Keima Zapata, stated, “Holly is so deserving of this recognition!  I have worked with Holly since I started here at China Spring many moons ago- she was actually my mentor teacher during student teaching.  From that day, I have marveled at how she never seems to raise her voice.  She gets her meaning across to her students in a calm, clear, no nonsense way and moves on.  In addition, she has always tapped in to what the students will find engaging and motivating.  In the "early years,” it was art and games.  Nowadays, she has moved on with the times and is always diving headfirst into some new and cool technology for the classroom.  From coding to skyping with Henry Winkler and Jane Goodall, Mrs. Johnson is ready to go!  Her students are lucky to have a teacher so willing to try new and exciting things.  I am lucky to have had her by me all these years passing along all her creative ideas.  She is such a team player and is always willing to share what she does as well as reach ahead into upcoming units and help plan lessons to come.  Her organization helps keep the second grade ELAR team on track!”  Tricia Begesse, the campus’s instructional technologist, stated, “Holly has been in education for a long time. I admire her passion for teaching and always being willing to try something new.  I always look forward to working with Mrs. Johnson when she comes and says, "This is my idea, now how do we do it?"  When she comes to the Techy Treehouse, she is not afraid to show students she is a lifelong learner. She models her thought process and learning along with the students.  Holly doesn't have to know all the answers, she gives the students the time and space to learn and problem solve. I am honored to have the opportunity to work with Mrs. Johnson. I look forward to many more years.” Congratulations to Mrs. Johnson.  We are so grateful that she is a part of our elementary school family!

Secondary Faculty Member of the Month –Congratulations to Mr. Daniel Farris for receiving the Secondary Faculty Member of the Month honor!  Mr. Farris is very deserving of this award! Mr. Farris is the Choir Director at the Middle School and High School campuses.  Under the tutelage of Mr. Farris, the choir program has expanded tremendously and continues to grow each year.  Mr. Farris gets to know his students and forms lasting relationships with them.  His encouragement and support goes well beyond the walls of the choir room, and it spills over into their other classes as well.  If you ask any of Mr. Farris’ students how to describe him, they would say kind, funny, sees the potential in students when they don’t even see it in themselves, and an encourager.  He has a calm demeanor and a smile on his face always!  You can’t be in his classroom for long without a smile being brought to your face, because the joy he has for what he does and instills in his students is infectious!  Mr. Farris is an extremely hard worker to say the least and works tirelessly to help each of his students grow and reach their goals.  You often find him at the piano after school helping a student run through a solo or giving voice lessons.  Mr. Farris is a wonderful team player and is always willing to help anyone out that needs assistance. He is our resident sound system guru and is constantly helping us get the PAC setup for events, solving any problem we throw at him. When approached with an idea, Mr. Farris is always up for the challenge, and the results are amazing!  We are blessed to have him on our CSMS Family!  Congratulations Mr. Farris!

Staff Member of the Month - Congratulations to E. J. Tatsch for being selected as the Staff Member of the Month for the month of April. E. J. has been an integral part of the staff at China Spring Intermediate since the day he became the Campus Maintenance Supervisor.  He is always willing to step in and help no matter what is needed. He constantly takes the initiative to address issues before anyone has time to bring them to his attention.  The campus administrators and faculty constantly brag about how well he and his staff take care of the building and the pride they show in their work.  E. J.'s work ethic is impeccable and he does an exceptional job of leading by example. We are so blessed to have him as a China Spring Cougar! Congratulations EJ on being named CSISD staff member of the month - it is well deserved.

Marc Faulkner, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
China Spring ISD

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