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Faculty and Staff Members for the Month of September

Good afternoon,

I hope everyone is having a great week! I would like for you all to join me in congratulating the Faculty and Staff members of the Month for September. These outstanding team members have gone above and beyond the call of duty for the betterment of our district. If you see them in your hallways or on your campuses please congratulate them. If you have someone you would like to nominate please send those nominations to your principal or myself.

Elementary Faculty Member of the Month – Congratulations to Mrs. Cassie Dixon, 1st Grade Teacher at the Elementary, on being nominated and selected as the Elementary Faculty member of the Month. Cassie is a tremendous asset to our school. Mrs. Coe stated “she is so impressed with the climate of Mrs. Dixon’s classroom. Mrs. Dixon's excellent classroom management procedures allow her students to thrive in a fun, supportive environment. There’s “comfortableness” in her classroom that fosters collaboration and community.” Mrs. Dixon utilizes all available technology and best practices to help each and every one of her students reach his or her greatest potential. Kari Espin wrote, “Mrs. Dixon effectively integrates technology in the classroom to enhance the student learning experience and improve classroom management and behavior. Using the technology is second nature and a seamless part of her instruction. She knows how to incorporate many tools including GoNoodle, QR codes, and ClassDojo into the classroom to increase student participation and engagement.”  We are so lucky to have Mrs. Dixon at the elementary school. So congratulations to Cassie Dixon on outstanding work at the Elementary campus.

Secondary Faculty Member of the Month - Congratulations to Mrs. Cheryl McDuff, Math Teacher at the High School, for being nominated and selected as the Secondary Faculty Member of the Month. Cheryl has been a valuable asset to our campus for the last few years.  She has high expectations in everything she does, whether it is her classroom or something to do with after school activities.  She is dedicated to her classroom and her students to make sure their needs are met.  One of her principals said “students excel in her classroom and enjoy coming to her class. Cheryl is respected by her fellow teachers and administrators.”  She is without a doubt one of a kind. So congratulations to Mrs. McDuff on her outstanding work at the High School.

Staff Member of the Month – Congratulations to Mr. Raymond Medina, Systems Technician for the District, for being nominated and selected as the Staff Member of the Month. As the newest member of the Technology Team, Raymond has displayed an excellent work ethic and consistently exceeds our expectations in an effort to keep classroom technology running smoothly. In addition to being an excellent employee, Raymond has gone out of his way for the students of China Spring as a volunteer with China Spring Cares. He recently put his positive attitude and bilingual skills to work to help parents during the back to school shopping event. In fact, they were short-handed in the afternoon and he worked a double shift. Mrs. Jenkins stated “Mr. Medina is more than our "Tech" guy. He serves with a smile, brings joy to those around him and is building relationships with faculty, staff, and students. He recently knew one of our special needs students didn't bring the only food she is able to eat, Cheetos Puffs, to school and he went and bought her a bag of them! He is an awesome addition to CSISD. It is for these reasons that we believe Mr. Medina exemplifies what it means to be a China Spring Cougar, and a worthy recipient of the Staff Member of the Month award. So congratulations to Mr. Raymond Medina on his outstanding work for CSISD.