China Spring ISD

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Intermediate School Cafeteria Named Top Cougar Kitchen from August - October

Teams at each campus have pushed themselves to surpass the previous year’s numbers and have taken on the challenge of having their campus honored as the best kitchen in the district.  Since the beginning of school, we’ve evaluated data pertaining to number of total meals served, the increase over prior year’s totals, and team member attendance.  From those numbers we were able to determine that China Spring Intermediate Cafeteria has made the most significant gains and has been awarded CSISD’s Top Cougar Kitchen for August thru October.    Congratulations and keeping doing such a fantastic job for the students and staff of CSISD!


(Pictured are Dr. Kevin Pitts, Holly Cobb, Antoinette Nunn, Jill Sanders, Faye Hudgins, Dr. Marc Faulkner)