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Faculty and Staff Members for the Month of December

I would like for you all to join me in congratulating the Faculty and Staff members of the Month for December. These outstanding team members have gone above and beyond the call of duty for the betterment of our district. You are all invited to join us on Monday night at 6:30 at the new admin building to recognize them. If you see them in your hallways or on your campuses please congratulate them.

Secondary Faculty Member of the Month - Congratulations to Mrs. Andrea Watts, Inclusion Teacher at the Middle School, for being nominated and selected as the Secondary Faculty Member of the Month. Mrs. Watts' arrives at school with a positive attitude every day and her passion for her students shines through in everything she does. She is completely vested in every single one of her students and takes the time to form individual bonds with each of them. She works tirelessly to assist her students academically and behaviorally in the classroom while also offering support to her fellow teachers. In less than two years, Mrs. Watts has trained, mentored, and supported three inclusion partner teachers. She is the perfect example of a co-teaching model and the students who have her are greatly enriched. She is an extremely hard worker who possesses the true heart of a teacher. Mrs. Watts is a team player and a true asset to our team. There is no doubt that we are very blessed to have Mrs. Watts working with our students! Congratulations to Mrs. Andrea Watts.

Elementary Faculty Member of the Month – Congratulations to Mrs. Samantha Ranft, 5th grade Teacher at the Intermediate, on being nominated and selected as the Elementary Faculty Member of the Month. Mrs. Sam Ranft has worn a couple of different hats as a teacher at China Spring Intermediate; currently she is successful with 5th grade English Language Arts students. She works to keep her classes engaging, fun, and rigorous. Her principal said “one of her strengths that I have observed is her desire to have all students succeed. Currently she serves as an inclusion teacher where her expectations are no different for her special education students than they are for her general education ones. This is evident when she talks about the successes of her special education students making small strides with their education. She has discussed milestones for her students that seem small but she understands how big they actually are and how hard students have worked to achieve them”. She is positive and outgoing and a joy to work with! We are so lucky to have Mrs. Ranft at the Intermediate School and she is a vital member of our staff! So congratulations to Mrs. Samantha Ranft.

Staff Member of the Month – Congratulations to Ken Sandhoff, Head Mechanic, on being nominated and selected as the staff member of the month. As the Head Mechanic, Ken does an exceptional job of keeping the bus fleet up and running while also assisting with other areas of the transportation department. He not only keeps the entire fleet of 37 buses going but also the fleet of 14 vehicles and keeps the tractors/mowers running. He also helps out in the maintenance department whenever needed. His work ethic is exceptional and he is always willing to go out of his way to help anyone that needs his assistance. He is a big man with an even bigger heart and an asset to our transportation department and our district. So congratulations to Ken Sandhoff!


Marc Faulkner, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

China Spring ISD


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