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Faculty and Staff Members for the Month of February

Elementary Faculty Member of the Month Congratulations to Mrs. Arianne Exline, 4th Grade Teacher at the Intermediate School, on being nominated and selected as the Elementary Faculty Member of the Month. Her principal says, “Mrs. Exline is the teacher that wants to make sure that everyone around her is taken care of, happy, and feels loved. Her students would agree and second this statement. She not only has some of the most engaging lessons I've ever observed but she also works to take care of her students physical and emotional needs. She makes sure that they have snacks to fuel their brains and works to offer life lessons about how to treat others and be the best human you can be.” Her classroom management allows her students to learn in many ways while still being efficient and effective.  Mrs. Exline builds relationships with her students and puts her students and their needs first. She adjusts her teaching methods to whatever they need to set them up for success.  In addition, she is a great resource for all of the 4th grade teachers.  She is a team player and an all-around wonderful person. Congratulations to Mrs. Exline!

Secondary Faculty Member of the Month - Congratulations to Mrs. Suzi Ickles, Art Teacher at the Middle School, for being nominated and selected as the Secondary Faculty Member of the Month. Mrs. Ickles is that person who is always willing to help in any way needed. When we need a card to celebrate a staff member or our school board, she will create one that is a work of art. When we are running short on help for morning duty or lunch duty, she is the first teacher there to lend a hand. When something unexpected happens on a state testing day, she will gladly fill in wherever she is needed. She shows up each day with an infectious smile, great attitude, and huge heart for kids.In the classroom, she is able to coax some of our toughest students to find their inner artist and proudly displays their work for students and staff to appreciate. During Kindness Week, she had her students create positive messages on signs that went up all over campus. She is a true professional in every way and China Spring MS is better because of Mrs. Ickles. Congratulations Mrs. Ickles!

Staff Member of the Month – Congratulations to Mrs. Tisha Carpenter, Middle School Kitchen Manager, for being nominated and selected as the Staff Member of the Month.  Tisha  inspires excellence in her team while serving our students and staff. She rallied her team this year, while passing with flying colors, both the AR Audit and the EcoSure Safety Audit, which were conducted within 2 days of each other. She has been a trooper through all the challenges she and her team have faced this year. Yet, the students and staff are always greeted with a smile and served their meals every day without fail.  This is why the students and staff at China Spring Middle School adore her. Her assistant principal says “Tisha Carpenter is the epitome of staff member of the month.  She has a smile on her face every single day.  She greets all of the students and genuinely takes the time to get to know them as they come through the breakfast and lunch lines.  She is truly an asset to our team at China Spring Middle School! Her infectious smile and positive attitude helps brighten each day for her fellow co-workers and students.” Tisha’s attention to detail and outstanding customer service are amazing.  We can't stress enough how much of an asset she is to China Spring ISD and is truly a valued member of the Child Nutrition Department.  So congratulations to Tisha Carpenter!