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Faculty and Staff Members for the Month of March

I would like for you all to join me in congratulating the Faculty and Staff members of the Month for March. These outstanding team members have gone above and beyond the call of duty for the betterment of our district. If you see them in your hallways or on your campuses please congratulate them.

Elementary Faculty Member of the Month Congratulations to Mrs. Niki Edwards, music teacher, for being selected as the Faculty Member of the Month.  P.E. teacher, Julie Golden, stated “Niki is dedicated to serving the needs of all students and is very passionate about teaching music.  She is a positive team leader for our “Specials” team and is always willing to help whenever needed.  In addition to her team-oriented attitude, Niki also organizes and creates some of the most memorable musical programs I’ve ever seen.  She has a servant’s heart and always goes above and beyond to help her students achieve success in all areas of their education. Niki truly has a “heart of gold,” is humble, caring and a positive role model for students and staff alike.”  Her principal, Kim Coe, stated “Niki does a wonderful job devising unique and engaging curriculum opportunities in music for every grade level.  Some days her classes focus on the history or music, while other days are devoted to vocal or instrumental performance.  Niki is in charge of the following music events throughout the school year:  School-Wide Patriotic Sing-a-long and Veteran Recognition, Christmas Concert, School-Wide Barn Dance, Spring Musical, and Kindergarten Graduation Performance.  Through these music events, students have the opportunity to display their musical talents to family, friends, and staff members.”  Congratulations to Mrs. Edwards. We are so grateful that she is a part of our elementary school family!

Secondary Faculty Member of the Month – Congratulations to Mrs. Kelli Perry on being selected as the Secondary Faculty Member of the Month.  Mrs. Perry is always willing to pitch in and help where there is a need. This year our need was to add additional sections of a course as well as relocate a course to another teacher.  Although these were not courses Mrs. Perry already had on her schedule, she willingly jumped in and tackled both of the courses, bringing her to 5 different preps in a 7-period day. Mrs. Perry can often be found teaching outside of the box, and even outside of the classroom.  She takes her classes to the outdoors when she can, bringing relevance to her classes and meaning to the assignments.  From trips to the parking lot, adventures in the wetlands, studies at Lake Whitney and creative learning at the zoo, Mrs. Perry is thoughtful in her planning and is not afraid to take kids to new “classrooms” in order to expand their learning. As an instrumental member of the China Spring High School’s science team, Mrs. Perry continues to foster a love for the sciences as she teaches with true passion.  Her connections to students through building positive and productive relationships leaves a lasting impact on their lives, both through academic learning and personal growth as individuals. China Spring is fortunate to have a teacher so passionate about what they teach, where they teach, who they teach, and why they teach.  She gives that extra degree every moment of every day to make positive change. Congratulations Mrs. Perry on being the Secondary Faculty Member of the Month. 

Staff Member of the Month – Congratulations to Cindy McCollum, Administrative Assistant at the High School, for being selected as the Staff Member of the Month. Ms.  McCollum is always prepared to greet each day with a "can do" attitude and a smile; there is never a task that is too big for her to tackle.  Cindy is a master juggler, as she juggles everything from class coverage and sub system surprises, to receiving parent phone calls, as well as all that falls in between.  Furthermore, Ms. McCollum is a top-notch care taker.  She helps out when we do not have a nurse on campus treating all the sick students, as well as faculty and staff that are in need of minor care.  She has adopted the entire campus as her charge, calling the nurse for reinforcement when needed.  Cindy is genuine, she greets everyone that walks onto the campus with a smile on her face.  She is calm, even in the most stressful of times, and always keeps the high school office moving in a positive direction; this has been noticeable to parents and visitors as we have gotten several compliments about the front office.  China Spring High School is lucky to have Cindy McCollum. Congratulations Ms. McCollum on being our Staff Member of the Month for March.

Marc Faulkner, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

China Spring ISD

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