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Faculty and Staff Members for the Month of April

I hope everyone is having a great week! I would like for you all to join me in congratulating the Faculty and Staff members of the Month for April. These outstanding team members have gone above and beyond the call of duty for the betterment of our district. If you see them in your hallways or on your campuses please congratulate them.

Elementary Faculty Member of the Month Congratulations to Mr. Ethan Silva, Social Studies Teacher at the Intermediate, for being selected as the Faculty Member of the Month.  His principal says “Ethan has grown so much over the last 3 years as an educator on the intermediate campus. He is a force when using technology and building on students passions. It is fun to see his students present and grow through this presentation process.  I appreciate the leadership he creates by using technology and how he is passionate about personal and professional growth.” His teaching partner Mrs. Benton says “Ethan is a technology guru and his students benefit from this ability every day.  I admire his “knack” in finding lessons that are engaging to students and still on point with our content.  He has a genuine rapport with his students and he is a true asset to our 6th Grade Team.” Mrs. Espin states “Ethan Silva is a member of the Curriculum Innovation and Learning Design team. He constantly strives to create innovative learning experiences for his students. He spends many hours outside the normal work day participating in professional development to grow and learn about how to better serve his students. Sketchnotes, BreakoutEDU and Genius Hour projects are just a few examples of how he has done an outstanding job of seamlessly integrating technology in his instruction to engage the students and let students drive the learning in the classroom.” Ethan works hard every day to give students an educational experience that they cannot stop talking about. We are so grateful that he is a part of our intermediate school family! Congratulations Ethan!

Secondary Faculty Member of the Month – Congratulations to Mr. Kyle Elkins on being selected as the Secondary Faculty Member of the Month.  Mr. Elkins teaches 8th grade Math at China Spring Middle School and coaches at the high school. He gives wonderful explanations to help his students. His classroom approach is thorough, and he excels at giving many examples and helping scaffold his students’ thinking toward solving math problems. Mr. Elkins also does a fantastic job forming relationships with his students. They want to work their hardest for him. On many occasions, parents have commented on how their students have always struggled in math, but with Mr. Elkins, it clicked, and they contribute that to his wonderful teaching. He is a team player and works alongside his fellow math teachers to plan and prepare. Mr. Elkins is a key member of our Middle School team. This is a much deserved honor! Congratulations Coach Elkins on being the Secondary Faculty Member of the Month. 

Staff Member of the Month – Congratulations to Gloria Hernandez, Housekeeping team member at the high school, for being selected as the Staff Member of the Month. Coach Bell says “Gloria does an outstanding job for us at the High School. She is always cleaning things that I never see. She climbs up on ladders and cleans things high and out of sight. She gets down on her hands and knees and cleans things underneath what you can see. She keeps our locker rooms in excellent shape! She is the hardest worker that we have at the high school. She has cleaned the athletic area for years and that is a really tough job with so many athletes.  To describe her in one word it would be Awesome!” China Spring High School is lucky to have Gloria Hernandez. Congratulations Gloria on being our Staff Member of the Month for April. (Not pictured)

Marc Faulkner, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools
China Spring ISD

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