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Curriculum and Instruction » Parent Involvement Policy

Parent Involvement Policy

District Parent Involvement Policy

District Mission: “Our mission, in partnership with the community, is to provide individualized learning experiences to prepare students for success in life.”

District Vision: “Our vision in China Spring Independent School District is to strive for continuous improvement of our educational system by providing opportunities for all to achieve excellence.”

Policy Purpose: China Spring ISD is committed to our district mission of partnering with the community in an effort to provide educational opportunities that serve the needs of all students. Education succeeds best when there is a strong partnership and communication between home and schools. The parent involvement policy is one that needs to be reviewed annually to remain effective in meeting the needs of children who live in a constantly changing society. Parents and school personnel should work together to achieve such a policy.

CSISD encourages parents to:
  • Serve as parent representatives on the district or campus level planning committees – Site-Based Decision Making (SBDM - campus), Collaborative Action Team (CAT- district), School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC - district), etc.
  • Become active participants in campus/district organizations – Parent Teacher Association (PTA), CSISD Education Foundation, Booster Clubs, etc.
  • Review the campus Student Handbook for areas of Parental Involvement
CSISD pledges to:
  • Maintain open lines of communication between home, school, and community via websites, newsletters, phone calls, voicemail, parent conferences, and parent focused campus/district meetings and presentations.
  • Involve parents in the joint development of district policies
  • Encourage coordination of all programs - federal, state, and local
  • Encourage parents to participate in school/district activities
  • Evaluate the parent involvement policy annually
Reviewed and approved by the China Spring ISD Collaborative Action Team (CAT) on April 19, 2017