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Curriculum and Instruction » College Credit Programs

College Credit Programs

  • MCC ENGL1301/1302 satisfies Junior level English3 or senior level English4(Fall/Spring)
  • MCC ENGL2322/2327 satisfies Senior level English4 (Fall/Spring) if taken and passed 1301/1302
Social Studies
  • HIST1301/1302 satisfies Junior level US History (Fall/Spring)
  • ECON2301/GOVT 2305 satisfies Senior level Economics & Government (Fall/Spring)
Students can also take any other MCC coursework in any field as an "early admissions" student meaning they can attend MCC coursework as a high school student. *Must meet both high school and MCC qualifications.
Contact Lindsey Ostrom or Meghan Harvey, CSHS Counselors, at 254-836-1771 for more information.