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Employee Benefits Review:
Tuition-Free Attendance: Your children may attend CSISD schools even if you are not a district resident. Make arrangements through the Superintendent’s office.

Professional development opportunities: Teachers who attend approved workshops on their own time are granted “comp” days on scheduled in-service days as noted on the official calendar.

Direct deposit to all banks that are members of the Federal Reserve System (forms available in the Personnel Department).

Payroll deductions for dues to professional organizations.

Teacher Salary Scale that exceeds state mandated minimum salary at every step.

Extended Pay scale for professional employees beyond 20 years experience.

Leave Days: There are two local days of leave provided for every full-time employee in addition to the state mandated five personal days.

Sick Leave Pool: A sick leave pool may be set up to offset loss of earnings in the event of a catastrophic illness or disability sustained by you or an immediate member of your family.

Cafeteria Plan: This benefit allows employees to increase their take home pay by sheltering part of their income from taxes. No cost to the employee.