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China Spring Faculty and Staff Members of the Month


Good afternoon! Please join me in congratulating these outstanding Faculty and Staff Members of the Month for March. You are all invited to join us at the administration building on Monday evening at 6:00 p.m. to recognize them. Please congratulate them when you see them on your campuses.

Primary Faculty Member of the Month

Congratulations to Connie Caldwell for being recognized as the Primary School Faculty Member of the Month. Mrs. Caldwell is a dedicated China Spring Cougar through and through.  Not only is she one of the longest running employees at China Spring ISD, but all three of her own personal children also graduated from China Spring ISD. Connie has been in education for 48 years and the last 36 years have been right here in our district. Many of the students she has impacted have followed in her footsteps and pursued a life in education. Both primary administrators and several teachers throughout the district were influenced as students by her and are now teaching right here in China Spring alongside her. 

Over the years, Connie has collected many resources and is the first to offer help to anyone who needs it.  Mrs. Caldwell not only has a strong relationship with coworkers and students, but also builds relationships with her parents. She goes above and beyond to make sure parents are in the loop and know that their child is cared for.  If a teacher needs help or needs any resources, Mrs. Caldwell is the go to person!  She has placed a positive impact in the lives of hundreds of students, coworkers and community members that have had the privilege of knowing her. Her calm demeanor and patience are two things that make her an outstanding educator.  Congratulations to Mrs. Caldwell!

Elementary Faculty Member of the Month

The Elementary Faculty Member of the Month is Mrs. Jenn Davis. Jenn doesn’t just

excel at everything she does, she knocks everything out of the park! Mrs. Davis is the speech pathologist at the Elementary campus, but a better name for her would be Speech Superstar! Mrs. Davis pours love into every single speech session she performs! Her students LOVE her so much and enjoy coming to speech because Mrs. Davis makes it so fun! She is also a wonderful communicator with parents, filling them in on what they are working on in speech and never hesitating to reach out to them. Parents often sing her praises and say things such as, “She has

been such a blessing to my child and our family” or “When they started with Mrs. Davis, my child could barely be understood but Mrs. Davis helped her find her voice!”

Even though Mrs. Davis is the lone speech therapist on campus, she collaborates with

everyone, as her speech students are in classes all throughout the building. She is continually checking in with classroom teachers and offering ideas and strategies to help the students. She is willing to help anyone, and when we leave ARD meetings, every single person in the meeting leaves wanting to join speech class because Jenn is so engaging and has so much passion and excitement when she talks about speech. Her co-workers describe her as loving, passionate, spunky, and joyful. Mrs. Davis is a wonderful advocate for our students and spreads cheer daily throughout our campus! China Spring Elementary is a better place because of Mrs. Jenn Davis!

Intermediate Faculty Member of the Month

China Spring Intermediate would like to congratulate Celeste Brown, our campus ESL teacher, as Faculty Member of the Month for March. Celeste has been with the district for 9 years and has served as our campus English as a Second Language facilitator for 4 years. You will never see Celeste without a smile on her face and the most willing nature to be a team player. She is an advocate for her students and looks for ways to improve their experience as they hone their English Language skills. A colleague states: Celeste is a gem to have in the ESL Program! She puts herself in the shoes of others and understands what English Language Learners are feeling. Celeste also demonstrates a caring and supportive attitude for the diverse needs of her students. She helps her students build genuine relationships and become a part of the school community. Her flexibility speaks beyond measure, and she does well working with all levels of Intermediate, Middle, and High School students. Her explicit language development instruction dissects vocabulary so well that her students are able to comprehend and complete assignments in an unchallenging manner. China Spring ISD is privileged to have her as an advocate and educator in helping students soar and reach their dreams!  Thank you, Mrs. Brown, for serving CSISD so well! 

Middle School Faculty Member of the Month

It’s an honor to recognize Mr. Felix Glass as the Middle School Faculty Member of the Month for the month of March. Mr. Glass does an extraordinary job of teaching 8th Grade US History, known throughout the state of Texas as the toughest, tested subject. 

Mr. Glass has recently increased his focus on data-driven instruction and it is showing amazing dividends for our 8th grade students. Our history test scores outpace the region and state, but that doesn’t stop Mr. Glass from striving for improvement. With so many standards that have to be covered in 8th grade US History, it would be easy to get frustrated and lose hope. Mr. Glass takes on the challenge and has pursued, on his own, workshops, clinics, and summer institutes to better his understanding of all the information that needs to be covered, and how to deliver that information efficiently to our students. Each and every Tuesday during PLC’s, Mr. Glass is ready to discuss how the students have done over the past week; where they’ve struggled, where they’ve succeeded, and how he will adjust his instruction to make sure the material is mastered by his students. 

Mr. Glass has developed great relationships with the parents of his students as well. Mr. Glass consistently reaches out to our parents with praise, and if necessary, regarding discipline, although that’s very rare as he is well-loved and respected. 

His expectations in the classroom are achievable, but he continues to raise the bar when students find success. He has found unique ways to teach information, and it’s a pleasure watching him at work when he gets “Fired Up” about the content. The students can feel his passion for the material he teaches and love his authenticity. 

He stands out as a great co-worker, willing to cover another classroom during his conference period or combine a class into his own when we are short on subs. He does a great job mentoring our young teachers in the history hallway, and shows great leadership amongst our staff. He is notorious for holding outstanding morning tutorial sessions for his students and is accommodating for all the various learning styles of our student body. 

We are beyond thankful to have Mr. Glass as a part of our team and appreciate all of the countless hours he puts into preparing our students for success. Congratulations, Mr. Glass, on being the Middle School Faculty Member of the Month for March!

High School Faculty Member of the Month

China Spring High School would like to recognize Ashley Keating as Faculty Member of the Month. It takes a special person to take on the role of an intervention teacher, and Mrs. Keating fills this role in an exceptional way. Her previous experience as an upper elementary teacher has proven to be a gift as she works tirelessly to close the gaps with students in her English course. Her ability to identify students’ strengths and challenges is unmatched, and she utilizes her student data in a powerful way. Furthermore, she regularly takes it upon herself to spend her own time researching and advocating for new strategies and curriculum in order to best meet the needs of her students. She is the first to offer to cover a class, or combine her class with another classroom in order to fill the gaps when the campus is short on substitute teachers. Never without a smile, Mrs. Keating is a blessing to her students, colleagues, and all campus staff. Congratulations to Mrs. Keating as the CSHS Faculty Member of the Month!

Staff Member of the Month

Congratulations to Ms. Leandra Randle at the Primary School for being named CSISD Staff Member of the Month! Ms. Randle may be new to our China Spring family this year but you would never know it! She fits right into our campus family! Ms. Randle is friendly and energetic toward every single person she comes across each and every day!  On a regular basis, Ms. Randle jumps right in and gets things done without being asked to do so.  If a teacher/student/area needs coverage, she steps in with zero hesitation or complaint.  We have had to rely on Ms. Randle in a pinch and her enthusiasm and flexibility never disappoint.   It is clear through her actions and words that the students are her number one priority.   Leandra Randle is the definition of a China Spring Cougar.  She takes pride in her work and it shows! The relationships Ms. Randle has with students and coworkers shines and brings a positive vibe to our campus.  Congratulations, Ms. Randle, and thank you for all you do!