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China Spring Faculty and Staff Members of the Month


Elementary Faculty Member of the Month

Congratulations to Keima Zapata on being selected as the Elementary Faculty Member of the Month for November. Mrs. Zapata is a rock star through and through! She is the intervention coordinator and a reading intervention teacher at China Spring Elementary! She wears lots of hats and does them all meticulously. She truly strives in everything she does to make sure that the kids are having the best possible experience and getting the most out of everything! As a reading intervention teacher, not a second of time is wasted. As she is walking students back to class, she is asking

questions and having them blend words. In her classroom, she flawlessly switches from phonemic awareness, to sight words, to comprehension, making it look easy even though everything is very intentional and a lot of planning went into it. Mrs. Zapata loves her babies and pours all her heart into them and is truly vested in their success! The kids know how much she cares and they love her back! She is also our UIL coordinator and a UIL coach for our campus. Mrs. Zapata puts in many hours making sure UIL runs smooth and successful at CSES! If that weren’t enough, she also volunteers to lead PD when opportunities come up throughout the year and most recently she and the rest of the intervention squad put on Literacy Night for our campus. It was a wonderful night for parents and students to help encourage literacy and helped teach parents some techniques and activities they can do with their child at home. If I give Mrs. Zapata something to do, I know it is going to be well-planned out and done with fidelity! Mrs. Zapata is a team player and a valued member of our China Spring Elementary Family! Congratulations on being the Faculty Member of the Month!

Secondary Faculty Member of the Month

Congratulations to Coach Tyler Beatty on being selected as the Secondary Faculty Member of the Month for November. Working in a high school means that there are many priorities to keep track of on a daily basis. Working in a high school, as a football coach in playoffs, in an EOC tested-area subject, while willingly helping to cover classes, doing bathroom sweeps, maintaining high quality instruction and behavior expectations, and meeting all other professional responsibilities demonstrates an enormous amount of commitment and intentionality on the part of Coach Tyler Beatty. With Coach Beatty, you do not have to ask twice. He is always willing to help when schedules or subs are tight, and does so with no hint of a complaint. Coach Beatty understands that the team’s success is his success, and his beliefs match his actions as he is consistently willing to pitch in with a positive attitude. Thank you, Coach Beatty, for understanding “our why” and keeping students and your colleagues a priority. Congratulations on being named China Spring ISD’s secondary faculty member of the month!

Staff Member of the Month

Congratulations to Hayley Wollard, para-professional at the Intermediate School, on being selected as the Staff Member of the Month. We can’t say enough about how blessed we are that Mrs. Wollard has chosen to serve our students. Mrs. Jaster states Hailey’s pedagogical knowledge is invaluable as she serves alongside us in our classrooms.  Her commitment, flexibility and passion is inspiring. It is truly evident how much she cares for our students. Mrs. May shares that Mrs. Wollard is a definite asset to the 4th grade team. She does a great job building relationships with students and teachers. As an inclusion paraprofessional she is tasked with working with a myriad of student needs in multiple different classroom environments. She does a great job of knowing the needs of her students and how best to support them in the different general education classrooms. She is always professional, supportive, and encouraging. Mrs. Hensley, one of her co-teachers also states, “Hayley is such a light in our hallway.  She is always present and ready to help in all situations.  If I ever need anything, Hayley is there at a moment's notice.”  We are beyond grateful for her, and she is so deserving of this award! Our words do not do justice to the respect and appreciation we have for Mrs. Wollard, and we all hope that she realizes everyday how much we respect her for her servant heart. Congratulations!

Cougar Kitchen of the Quarter

Congratulations to the Intermediate Campus as they were selected as the Kitchen of the Quarter for the months of August through October. Although they have been one staff member short through much of that time, they have maintained outstanding customer service and food quality. They have been innovative in responding to the increased number of students eating this year by adapting their method of service and putting in the extra effort required to produce and serve over 200 extra meals per day. They strive to engage the students they serve and to be responsive to their food preferences; often sacrificing what is easiest for what will best serve the interests of China Spring students. We are fortunate to have this dedicated team as part of the Child Nutrition Department and the China Spring family. Congratulations Fay, Holly, Ryane and Tara!