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China Spring Faculty and Staff Members of the Month


Elementary Faculty Member of the Month – Congratulations to Mr. Shane Allen, 6th Grade Science Teacher, on being selected as Elementary Faculty Member of the Month. Mr. Allen very recently left the business world to pursue a career in our noble profession but it’s like he’s been teaching his whole life.  He has fallen into his role as 6th grade Science teacher and done a remarkable job with the 6th grade curriculum, especially during a pandemic. He works to mix technology with hands on Science while keeping lessons engaging enough to hold the attention of 6th grade students. He blows things up, catches things on fire, and so much more all in the name of Science. He is willing to engage on our campus in any way. He has run Science Fair for 2 years, made hand sanitizing stations to place around the school, and plays in all the recess rotations with his students. Mr. Ross said he loves going into Mr. Allen’s classroom because there is always lively discussion and positive energy! We are so lucky Mr. Allen chose China Spring Intermediate to be where he taught for the first time yet it seems like he’s been here for years! Thank you Mr. Allen for all you do for our campus and our students! CSI is blessed to have you as a 6th Grade Teacher. Congratulations!

Secondary Faculty Member of the Month – Congratulations to Sarah Shipp, Inclusion Teacher at the MS, on being selected as Secondary Faculty Member of the Month. Mrs. Shipp is an amazing asset to our campus with her willingness to do what is best for students. She is always willing to go the extra mile for every kid on our campus so that they can experience some type of success. Her caring heart allows her to form strong relationships with students that allows them to have a special bond with a friendly face on campus. She has been an asset to the Special Education department while also supporting the needs of all students on campus. Ms. Shipp not only serves the students on campus, but also takes special time and care into supporting our remote learners as well. She makes students feel that they are the most important person each time she speaks with them. In addition to her student support efforts, Mrs. Shipp is also willing to go out of her way to help around the campus. She is a tremendous support to her co-teach and inclusion classroom teachers. Also, she is always willing to step in and change her schedule to fit the needs of the campus. Her flexibility while maintaining a positive attitude is refreshing and admired by all of her peers. Her actions at China Spring Middle School make our campus better, and we are very lucky to have her as part of our CSMS family. Congratulations!

Staff Member of the Month – Congratulations to Ashley Ellis, HS Nurse, for being selected as the staff member of the month for April! One can’t be quite sure, but a school nurse in the middle of a virus pandemic is likely to be near the top of most challenging jobs. Yet, without fail and without hesitation, Ashley Ellis has shown up every day with a smile, kindness, and patience as she has helped China Spring High School navigate the constantly changing guidance and expectations that the 2020- 2021 school year has delivered.  The challenge of school nursing in a regular year is a hefty job; during the year of COVID, it is nearly insurmountable. From conflicting guidance, to strong opinions and expressed indignance regarding the implementation of health and safety measures, and hours interviewing individuals about symptoms, Nurse Ellis has been able to accomplish it all.  She has made it look effortless and her professionalism and efficiency has allowed the rest of the campus to function as normally as possible during these unusual times. While the building is full of experts in pedagogy, we are amateurs in public health. Without her, it is likely that the challenges of this year would have consumed us, and kept us from our true task of guiding and supporting students. Mrs. Ellis is an asset to our campus and we are lucky to have her. Congratulations!