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China Spring Faculty and Staff Members of the Month


Elementary Faculty Member of the Month
Congratulations to Mrs. Veronica Wolske, Pre-K Teacher, on being selected as Elementary Faculty Member of the Month. Veronica is hands-down a fantastic choice for May’s Faculty Member of the Month.  Mrs. Wolske is a ray of sunshine and radiates positivity everywhere she goes!  She is always smiling and cheerful and brightens the day of those around her, both students and adults.  In her classroom, Mrs. Wolske works wonders!  Each day she has engaging activities planned that promote students to take ownership in their learning.  The classroom is always decorated for the theme of the week, and she has engaging, relevant stations on various levels that keep her students excited while learning at the same time!  She has patience in spades, and it is remarkable how much growth her students have shown throughout the year.  When they come into Pre-K, it is the first time many have left home on a regular basis, and now at the end of the year, they have all of the procedures and routines down and are working hard to learn how to read!  Her students are so excited to show what they know, and they absolutely adore their teacher!  Mrs. Wolske is an excellent communicator with the parents and is constantly reaching out and sharing updates and pictures of things the students are working on and how they are doing!  When students have been quarantined, she goes out of her way to make sure she walks all of her parents through the steps to ensure they understand all the assignments and have everything they need.  One of her parents stated that Mrs. Wolske has been “exactly what her student needed and is the most loving and patient person on the planet!”  They are thankful for her communication and joyful personality! 

Mrs. Wolske is a huge asset and an important part of our China Spring Elementary Family!  Thank you, Mrs. Wolske, for going above and beyond for our students and staff every day! Congratulations!

Secondary Faculty Member of the Month
Congratulations to Dawn Wilson, Family and Consumer Science Teacher, on being selected as Secondary Faculty Member of the Month. Dawn Wilson is terrific at saying no. She says no to mediocrity, imperfection, and anything but a well-executed plan to ensure that our students receive the best education and high school experiences possible. So when presented with the challenges of this year, Mrs. Wilson said no to using a pandemic as a justification for inaction. As a result, our students had an experience that so many in the country were unable to have during this challenging year: a prom where they were normal, giddy and excited students in their spring semesters of high school. Not only can Mrs. Wilson facilitate a magical experience for hundreds of students, she can also organize almost one hundred adults to multiple unique responsibilities so that the entire high school campus can be a part of orchestrating this important event for our students. Outside of her magical prom making abilities, Mrs. Wilson also ensured that she gave students every opportunity for a genuine culinary experience in her class during this restrictive time. It’s nearly impossible to do the typical tastings and activities associated with her courses during COVID, but Mrs. Wilson said no to excuses. She consistently implemented innovative ways to ensure that her students had all of the authentic experiences that they deserved within her courses.  Because she is great at saying no to anything but the best, she is an absolute yes for our teacher of the month for China Spring High School. Congratulations!

Staff Member of the Month
Charlene Riley is a fantastic choice for May’s Staff Member of the Month.  Mrs. Riley is the library paraprofessional at China Spring Elementary School.  Mrs. Riley defines what it means to be a team player.  She works extremely hard and always jumps in to help out wherever is needed!  In addition to her library duties, she serves as a bus monitor along with breakfast and lunch duties.  In all of her roles, she goes above and beyond to make sure everything is done well and that all of our students are taken care of.  She is an extremely hard worker!  She is extremely organized, and even when we throw her coverage-curveballs, she is able to quickly adjust and make the best out of each situation!  We are very grateful to have Mrs. Riley at China Spring Elementary, and she is a valued member of our China Spring Elementary Family! Congratulations!