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China Spring Faculty and Staff Members of the Month


Elementary Faculty Member of the Month

Congratulations to Jeanne Ranft on being selected as the Elementary Faculty Member of the Month for May. As much positive as I have to say as an administrator regarding Mrs. Ranft, her peers actually say it best…. Jeanne is very deserving of being recognized as our Faculty Member of the Month.  She wears a lot of hats on our campus and somehow always makes sure everything gets done.  She is supportive of her team and will do just about anything to help if she can.  She is selfless and gives so much of her time to help others.  Jeanne truly knows her students and fights for their best interests.  She forms amazing relationships with them, and they know without a doubt that she cares about them as she helps them rise to meet expectations that will prepare them for life outside of the classroom.  Often, the students who receive the most consequences are the ones that love her the most because they know that she wants them to be successful and kind humans in this world.  She is their biggest cheerleader.  She goes above and beyond to help students that may need something extra.  She volunteers to help with China Spring Cares every year and I have seen her buying things students need on many occasions.  If she sees a need, she jumps in to meet it and help.  I have watched her nurture kids through the loss of parents, loss of homes, health issues, custody issues, and struggles to have their basic needs met. Jeanne also works hard to adapt with the ever changing world of education.  Things have changed since she began her career, and she has done what was needed to figure out the new technologies and methods while maintaining the personal touches that make her a great teacher.  She is often one of the last people to leave the building at night.  She has a wealth of knowledge to help students become successful readers and I seek her guidance when I need help reaching a particular student.  She is a natural leader and is always honest about her feelings. Another peer shared, Jeanne Ranft is an amazing educator, colleague, and friend.  She is the person you can go to for advice, help, or even just to chat.  She is always ready to lend a helping hand and always has a kind and supportive word to say.  She has made my experience at CSI some of the most memorable and enjoyable times of my career. And last but not least her partner teacher Mrs. Ward stated, “Jeanne is truly an outstanding teacher and very deserving of this special honor.  From the first time I met Jeanne, she impressed me with her enthusiasm and her genuine desire to determine the best way to meet every child's unique learning needs in her classroom. Her passion for teaching and dedication to her students is obvious in everything she does.  Jeanne exemplifies what it means to be an OUTSTANDING teacher, exuding passion, initiative, creativity, and determination while inspiring others toward excellence in education.” 

We are so blessed by Ms. Ranft and thankful she calls China Spring home! Congratulations!

Secondary Faculty Member of the Month

Congratulations to Deborah Bolton on being selected as the Secondary Faculty Member of the Month.  Mrs. Bolton is a 7th Grade English Teacher who routinely models what a master level teacher does for students. Mrs. Bolton goes above and beyond to ensure that her students have what they need to be successful readers and writers. She consistently holds tutorial sessions for students who need to catch up, and she challenges all of her students to reach for their potential. As a colleague, Mrs. Bolton is second to none. She is a visionary for the English department and she is a leader in developing instructional ideas that bring about the maximum benefit for students. Mrs. Bolton is a shining star for China Spring Middle School and we are very thankful she is a Cougar! Congratulations, Mrs. Bolton, for being our Secondary Faculty Member of the Month!

Staff Member of the Month

Congratulations to Jerry Bradden, campus technology teacher, as staff member of the month for May.  He took a role with very little guidance and made it his own.  He also took on the role of Daily Announcement Producer. He has taken announcements to the next level and he is somewhat of a movie star around campus! The students flock to him and his camera, he uses this platform to offer inspiration and teach daily lessons. It has been a definite campus culture builder.  He is never without a smile, a yes ma'am, or a helping hand.

Here is what students wrote about him: Mr. J is not only an amazing teacher but an amazing friend everyone needs to have.  He's helped us so much this year! It would be so, so different without him here. It's very hard to think of where not only myself, but all of the other students who love him as a teacher would be without him. He makes everyone so happy, it's like his laugh and smile are contagious. Whenever you come up with a crazy idea he doesn't put you down, instead, he tries his best to get you what you want when you need it!

We are very blessed by Jerry Bradden and look forward to what he will produce with our students in the coming years! Congratulations Mr. Bradden on being selected as the Staff Member of the Month.

Top Cougar Kitchen of the Quarter

Congratulations to the Elementary Campus for being selected as the Top Kitchen for the quarter. “Nice”, “helpful”, awesome” “my friend” and “invaluable” are words China Spring Elementary students and faculty use to describe the cafeteria staff. The elementary team creates a welcoming service environment with their ready smiles, warm welcomes, sincere interest in students and high food quality standards. Every student feels valued as they make their meal selections and check out. As a team they operate as one mind with one focus: taking care of the needs of their students. Tammy White manages her team with encouragement and a strong confidence in their ability to create menu items that meet nutritional requirements, are visually enticing and taste great. Tammy has trained and mentored 4 of the district cafeteria managers. She is a natural leader with a knack for drawing out the best qualities of her staff. For these reasons and many, many more; China Spring Elementary School is the Kitchen of the Quarter. Congratulations!