China Spring Faculty and Staff Members of the Month

Amy Faulkner High School Faculty Member of the Month

High School Faculty - English Teacher

Amy Faulkner

China Spring High School is lucky to have Amy Faulkner. She is always the first person here and many times one of the last to leave. You would think that after teaching for over 20 years, you would not have to change anything, but all the extra time allows for Amy to find new ways to engage her classes. When you walk into her classroom, it is obvious she loves what she does and has a true purpose for teaching. She exemplifies what any parent would want in their kid's teachers.

Kimi Smith Middle School Faculty of the Month

Middle School Faculty - 8th Grade English Language Arts Teacher

Kimi Smith

One would never know that Ms. Smith is in her first year of teaching when they step into her classroom. She is a gift to the profession and her student outcomes are jaw-dropping for the half-way point of the school year, much less her FIRST school year. She is prepared, detail-oriented, consistent, and driven. Every decision she makes is for the betterment of students and she is routinely okay with being uncomfortable for the sake of students.

Lauren Clinger Intermediate School Faculty Member of the Month

Intermediate School Faculty - 6th Grade English Language Arts Teacher

Lauren Clinger

Mrs. Clinger possesses outstanding teaching abilities that are evident in her classroom environment.  She has a unique talent for building quality relationships and engaging students of all levels and backgrounds. Mrs. Clinger not only focuses on academic excellence but also fosters the growth of essential life skills such as critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. She also actively seeks opportunities to develop her leadership skills through mentoring opportunities and leading professional development.

Mary Duske (Not Pictured) Elementary School Faculty Member of the Month

Elementary School Faculty - 3rd Grade English Language Arts Teacher

Mary Duske

 One of her colleagues states she has created a classroom community where students can learn from and interact with each other in positive and meaningful ways; she starts every class period with “thorns and roses” where students get to share about things happening in their lives. Her class is built on loving relationships that she works hard to build and maintain with her students all while encouraging academic growth. Mary Duske is an inspiration to both her students and colleagues and her kindhearted nature, energetic approach, and tireless work ethic make her a deserving recipient of the Faculty of the Month award.

Karin Engelman Primary School Faculty Member of the Month

Primary School Faculty - Reading Interventionist

Karin Engelman

Ms. Engelman not only provides reading intervention to our students but also pours her heart and soul into making reading engaging and fun for all of our students. One event she heads up is our campus reading night! It is an amazing night that brings literature to life for our students. She is constantly researching and bringing new and creative strategies to our campus to make our students stronger readers!  Karin is one of a kind and we are so grateful to have her as part of our school family.

Tabitha Hymel School Staff Member of the Month

Staff Member - Middle School Inclusion Paraprofessional

Tabitha Hymel

Mrs. Hymel is vital to the operations of the MS. She serves morning duty every morning and then pours herself into the students serving in both the inclusion classroom as well as leading our Study Lab. She cares about students, especially those with learning difficulties, and goes out of her way to ensure that their needs are being met. She has high energy and holds all students accountable to our high standards. It's a pleasure to nominate her as a candidate for staff member for the month of February.

Primary Kitchen (not pictured) Cougar Kitchen Award

Cougar Kitchen - Primary Kitchen

Primary Kitchen: Tammy White, Amanda Harris, Mark Roe, and Clay Jackson

The primary kitchen exhibits many outstanding qualities. This team works together to accomplish daily kitchen tasks, supporting each other because they know that the success of the kitchen is dependent on working together as a team. From food preparation to meal service and cleaning, Tammy and her team are committed to protecting the safety of China Spring students by upholding food safety standards. For these reasons and so many, many more, China Spring Primary School is the Cougar Kitchen for this quarter.