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Welcome to China Spring ISD

We teach students to become productive citizens. We hire and empower the best teachers who are focused on creating unique student centered learning experiences. We give our students personalized educational experiences unlike any other school district and we expect those experiences to be something they can’t stop talking about.

District News

Elementary Faculty Member of the Month – Congratulations to Mrs. Shannon Roy, 6th grade teacher at the Intermediate School, on being selected as Elementary Faculty Member of the Month. You will never catch Shannon Roy without a smile on her face whether it be working with students or planning with peers. She brings leadership and commitment to her 6th grade ELAR team. Her willingness to be flexible and take care of business have been invaluable these last 2 years that have thrown us some crazy loops in our educational journey. When observing her at work she is alongside her students and always engaged in their lives. She takes time to get to know them and they love her for that.  The students say she is fun and funny, and they are always happy to enter her room. She “gets” how a Middle Schooler thinks and really focuses on their academic growth as well as their social needs at this age.  There is always something good happening in Shannon Roy’s classroom for in person and online learners alike! We appreciate her hard work and dedication to the students at China Spring Intermediate. Thank you Shannon for your commitment to CSI students and Congratulations!

Secondary Faculty Member of the Month – Congratulations to Mrs. Sara Odajima, secondary instructional coach, on being selected as Secondary Faculty Member of the Month. This is Sara’s first year in this position and she hit the ground running without missing a beat. As with everyone else in education her role changed swiftly with the start of this school year. Sara met that challenge with grace and grit. She is always positive, patient and respectful. Her primary goal is to ensure teachers are successful which in turn allows them to be their best for students. Teachers in grades 7-12 have the task of working simultaneously with in person and remote learners, and Sara has been there to guide them every step of the way. She works tirelessly to provide teachers with the level of support they need to ensure student success in the classroom regardless of the format. Sara’s prior classroom experiences enable her to have a greater understanding of the various needs of all teachers and students. She has taught on both the high school and middle school campuses at CSISD. She has been a TELPAS Rater and has supported all populations of learners. As a secondary teacher she sponsored and worked with numerous organizations including UIL. Prior to coming to China Spring, she worked as an elementary teacher and a band director. These experiences allow her to relate and really understand the needs of classroom teachers. She has first-hand experience in many facets of education and understands the intricate details that are necessary for student success. She is always willing to help teachers regardless of the time, including nights and weekends. We are thankful to have Sara in this position. She is an asset and deserves accolades for the work she does. 

Staff Member of the Month – Congratulations to Susan Palmer, one of the middle school office staff members, for being the staff member of the month for February! Mrs. Palmer has been instrumental in helping our campus achieve the highest level of attendance rating during a national pandemic. Mrs. Palmer’s meticulous record-keeping and attention to detail have allowed for our campus to recognize trends in students’ attendance data that have, in return, allowed us to take proactive measures to ensure student success as it relates to attendance. This task has not come easy with the constant changing of expectations set forth by the state.  However, she has adjusted and maintained constant professionalism as well as positivity when communicating these changes with our staff.  She wears multiple hats in our front office both literally and figuratively. She is always more than willing to assist parents with information about their students. She is the front line of our new enrollees and sets such a positive first impression for our campus and our new community members.  She is able to handle stressful situations such as unannounced early releases, massive student checkouts due to an approaching winter storm, or just the day-to-day operations of a middle school with grace and positivity. She also reminds educators of their WHY and purpose in life. She has a heart filled with compassion and always puts herself second to others. Mrs. Palmer is an asset to our campus, district, and community.  Congratulations!

Kitchen of the Quarter -The Intermediate kitchen team has been selected to receive Kitchen of the Quarter because of the

performance during the extended absence of their manager, Fay Hudgins. At first, it would seem that Fay was not a player in this achievement, but the truth is quite the contrary. When Fay realized she would be away from the kitchen for over a month she started planning: who would perform her duties, what training would be required, how should roles shift and where could back up personnel be obtained. Fay solved these issues and also created information sheets and charts to assist her team while she would be away. When the time arrived, the plans, as we all have experienced, began to unravel. Fay’s absence

coincided with a rise in COVID related absences. The arranged subs canceled and the personnel from other kitchens were unable to support the intermediate school. This did not faze our star team. They had watched for years as Fay problem solved, made last minute adjustments, prioritized and most importantly, moved forward. They followed her good example and made things work. Fay, from her recovery bed, monitored her team and continued to provide support and encouragement as needed. In the end, the intermediate kitchen team emerged stronger, better trained and confident in their ability to overcome challenges.

Thank you for your dedication to your work, our department and the students of China Spring Intermediate.

Fay Hudgins
Holly Cobb
Amanda Windle
Abida Khan

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